Monday, May 6, 2013

Everyday Use

This last week I read the short story 'everyday use'. Everyday use was an interesting story; you had a mother, and her two daughters, one shy and introverted, the other outgoing, and snobby.  The story identifies the daughters persona through the mother.  The mother is sad that Dee, her snobby daughter , doesn't seem to appreciate anything that she has done for her.  Maggie, the shy one, has always been with her mother.  It presents a challenge, Dee wants a quilt, and argues that Maggie will use it so much that it will be torn up, with the mother agreeing.  Dee on the other hand would showcase it instead of using it like Maggie would.  The mother eventually lets Maggie have the quilt, with Maggie being shocked, for the fact that her sister Dee is always used to getting what she wants.

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