Sunday, October 27, 2013

Black Veil society

In the 'Ministers Black Veil' Hopper is judged greatly for wearing a black veil over his face.  Hopper lived in a highly judgmental society, much like we do today.  In the story it is made clear that people would avoid him like the plague, with his black veil being the main perpetrator.  Humans in general judge every aspect in every person that they encounter, we know it's mean and  sometimes hurtful, but that doesn't stop us from doing it.  At the end of the story, Hopper kind of lashes out at everyone around him shouting 'Why do you tremble at me alone!?'.  His anger and sadness had shored up over the years, he had been shunned and ridiculed because of that veil he wore over his face; he was shunned and ridiculed because society judged him not by his character, yet by his appearance.

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  1. One thing I always remember about this story is that no one really understood why he wore the veil. No one really 'got it.' Everyone has secret sins. Everyone has things to hide. No one allows everything to be seen by others, often not to anyone. We need to remember that as we judge those around us. There is an old saying about not judging anyone until walking in his shoes. This might have applied then as well as today. Something to think about....